The Unvanquished

The Trial – Summary

An ambitious, worldly young bank official named Joseph K. is arrested by two warders “one fine morning,” although he has done nothing wrong. K. is indignant and outraged. The morning happens to be that of his thirtieth birthday. One year later, on the morning of his thirty-first birthday, two warders again come for K. They …

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The Trial – Chapter 4

Summary K. spends several days unsuccessfully trying to speak with Fraulein Burstner. She manages to avoid meeting him, despite the considerable measures he takes to encounter her. He sends her a letter, offering to make amends for his behavior and to follow any dictates she might provide for further interaction between them. He will wait …

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The Trial – Chapter 8

Summary Though it is not an easy decision, K. resolves to dispense with his lawyers services. He goes to the lawyers house one evening past ten oclock. The door is opened by a somewhat pitiable figure–a wasted, bearded little man in his shirt-sleeves. K. catches sight of Leni rushing to another room in her nightgown. …

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