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Shane – Chapters 1–2

Summary Chapter 1 The book opens with a description of Shane riding into town. The narrator Bob Starrett watches him with a childs fascination. He first notices Shanes clothing: dark pants, boots, a belt, coat, and hat. The clothing is predominantly black and retains “magnificence.” As Shane approaches, Bob notices that his clothing pales in …

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Shane – Character List

id=”Shane”> Shane –  Shane is the title character and protagonist of the book. A stoic, mysterious man, he says little about himself—no one even knows his last name. He dresses differently and moves differently, with a kind of confidence and power that is immediately noticeable. He is Bobs hero and quickly becomes Joe Starretts companion. Shane …

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Shane – Shane

Shane represents Schaefers beliefs regarding what makes a man and what we should admire in people we consider heroes. Shane is not the average gunslinger—he does not like to fight, and he does not even carry a gun. Rather, he is loyal and minds his own business, fighting only if it is unavoidable. He is …

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