Middlemarch – Overall Summary

Middlemarch is a highly unusual novel. Although it is primarily a Victorian novel, it has many characteristics typical to modern novels. Critical reaction to Eliots masterpiece work was mixed. A common accusation leveled against it was its morbid, depressing tone. Many critics did not like Eliots habit of scattering obscure literary and scientific allusions throughout …

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Middlemarch – Book II: Chapters 13-16

Summary Bulstrode plans to name Lydgate as superintendent of the new Fever Hospital. Farebrother warns Lydgate that he will incur professional jealousy among other Middlemarch medical men because he wants to reform their outdated treatments. The hospital lies within Mr. Farebrothers parish, but Bulstrode wishes to elect another clergyman because he doesnt like Farebrothers doctrine. …

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