Johnny Tremain – Chapter I: Up and About

Summary It is all another way of saying—God’s way of saying—that pride goeth before a fall. (See Important Quotations Explained) Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is a silversmith’s apprentice in Revolutionary-era Boston. He lives with an elderly master silversmith, Mr. Lapham, and two other apprentices. Rounding out the bustling household is Mr. Lapham’s daughter-in-law and able housekeeper, …

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Johnny Tremain – Character List

id=”Jonathan Tremain”> Jonathan Tremain –  The protagonist of the novel. Johnny is the fourteen-year-old prize apprentice of the Boston silver-smith Ephraim Lapham. Johnny is a talented craftsman, but he is also arrogant, rash, and slightly cruel; he gains pleasure tormenting the two other apprentices, Dusty and Dove, by touting his superiority. When Johnny’s hand is disfigured …

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