Demian – Emil Sinclair

Demian chronicles the intellectual and emotional development of Emil Sinclair, the protagonist and narrator of the story. Thus, to analyze Sinclair in this book is to analyze his development. Sinclair begins the novel as a mentally precocious ten-year-old boy. He has a jumble of thoughts, but no real sense of what to make of them. …

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Demian – Max Demian

We get to know Max Demian only through the eyes of Emil Sinclair. Since Sinclair sees Demian as almost divine, Sinclair would not be one to critique Demian, to offer deep insights into his personality, to see how Demian grows and changes. Thus, in Demian, Demian remains a fairly static character. This is just as …

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Demian – Frau Eva

In addition to Demian, Frau Eva is the other character who has a complete hold on Sinclairs soul. She is, for Sinclair, what Demian cannot be. Demian is Sinclairs friend and mentor; Eva acts as Sinclairs mother and the object of his romantic love. Like Demian, Evas primary role is to help Sinclair develop appropriately. …

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