Dicey’s Song

Death in Venice – Summary

Gustav von Aschenbach is an aging German writer who is the paragon of solemn dignity and fastidious self-discipline. Determinedly cerebral and duty-bound, he believes that true art is produced only in “defiant despite” of corrupting passions and physical weaknesses. When Aschenbach has the urge to travel, he tells himself that he might find artistic inspiration …

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Death in Venice – Chapter 2

Summary Aschenbach is the son of a high-ranking legal official descended from a family with a long tradition of austere and disciplined service to the Prussian state. His mother was the daughter of a music director from Bohemia. The narrator explains that it was this marriage between disciplined conscientiousness and darker, more passionate inclinations that …

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Death in Venice – Chapter 4

Summary Although Aschenbachs luggage soon returns, he decides to stay in Venice. He continues to see Tadzio constantly, occasionally inside the hotel or around the city and always for hours each day on the beach. This routine brings meaning to Aschenbachs days. The narration follows Aschenbachs thoughts as he worshipfully studies the most intimate details …

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