Dead Man Walking – Chapter 5

Summary Ann, Prejean’s sister, describes watching the SWAT team outside of the prison during the execution. Ann, a doctor, has a difficult time finding resources to take care of her patients. Prejean spends the night at her mother’s house. The next day, friends and reporters call. Patrick will be buried in the nuns’ cemetery. On …

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Dead Man Walking – Chapter 6

Summary Millard tells Prejean about Robert Lee Willie and Joseph Vaccaro, who went on an eight-day rampage, raping and murdering Faith Hathaway, raping another young woman and paralyzing a young man. Prejean has heard Faith’s stepfather, Vernon Harvey, give interviews saying he cannot wait to see Robert’s execution. In addition to this murder, Robert was …

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Dead Man Walking – Chapter 8

Summary John Croft, a local attorney, tells Prejean they have to convince Robert to drop his stance that he is a political prisoner in preparation for his upcoming Pardon Board hearing. The Pardon Board is composed of the same individuals that heard Patrick’s case. Prejean notes that as political appointees, the board members cannot ignore …

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