Child of the Dark

Ceremony – Section 1

Summary A series of three poems open Ceremony. The first poem tells of Tsitstsinako, thought-woman, the spider, who created the world with her sisters by thinking and naming things. The poem ends with the lines: “Im telling you the story she is thinking.” The second poem is entitled “Ceremony” and focuses on the power of …

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Ceremony – Tayo

Tayo embodies the confluence of Native American and white cultures, both present in his ancestry, and in his experience, which brings him from the reservation, to the US army, to the Philippines, to a Veterans Hospital, and back to the reservation. Carrying the signs of the cultural mixing in his green eyes often makes Tayo …

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Ceremony – Character List

id=”Tayo”> Tayo – The protagonist of the novel. Tayo struggles with a sense of belonging in his family throughout his childhood and of belonging in his community after his return from World War II. Educated in white schools, Tayo has always maintained a belief in the Native American traditions. Painfully aware of the social realities surrounding Native …

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