Bless Me, Ultima

Bird by Bird – Part Two: The Writing Frame of Mind

Summary: “Looking Around,” “The Moral Point of View,” “Broccoli,” “Radio Station KFKD,” and “Jealousy” Lamott says that writers often stand apart from the crowd, observing rather than participating. She emphasizes that writers must work to really see their surroundings. Writers must look at the world tenderly and recognize each being’s special qualities. In order to …

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Bird by Bird – Pam

Lamott mentions many writer friends and fellow churchgoers, but she refers to Pam more than anyone else. Pam, who is dying of breast cancer, is physically weak and sometimes travels by wheelchair. She is an inspiration to Lamott. Pam has come to terms with her imminent death, and Lamott believes that Pam is wiser than …

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Bird by Bird – Sam

At the time of Bird by Bird’s publication, Lamott’s son Sam is between three and four years old. He is a clever, precocious child who interacts well with others. Though Lamott confesses that parenthood can sometimes drive her crazy, it is clear that she adores Sam. Many of her writing methods are directly inspired by …

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