Atlas Shrugged – Part Three, Chapters V–VI

Summary—Chapter V: Their Brothers’ Keepers Copper shortages make repairs impossible for Taggart. Under the Unification Plan, crucial materials are diverted to businessmen with Washington influence. The problem worsens when, at the precise moment that they were to be nationalized, the mines and properties of d’Anconia copper are blown up, and Francisco and his best employees …

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Atlas Shrugged – Character List

id=”Dagny Taggart”> Dagny Taggart –  The novel’s protagonist and vice president in charge of operations of Taggart Transcontinental. Dagny is Galt’s greatest love and worst enemy. Her brilliant management style and unwavering commitment to the railroad enable her to remain in the world of the “looters”—Rand’s word for the people and government agencies that seize property …

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Atlas Shrugged – John Galt

Galt is the most important character in the novel and the driving force behind its action. The strike that he conceives, organizes, and carries out is the book’s central, defining event. But his identity remains a mystery until two-thirds of the way through the novel, lending him a mythical stature. In Galt, Rand has set …

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