Tom Jones – Book XV

Summary Chapter I The narrator disagrees with “Moral Writers” who believe that virtue leads to happiness and vice to grief. Chapter II Lord Fellamar, a nobleman who brought Sophia home from the play, is a frequent visitor at Lady Bellastons house. He has fallen in love with Sophia. One morning he visits Sophia for two …

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Tom Jones – Allworthy

Allworthy, as his name implies, is also an allegorical figure of sorts. His character does not undergo any dramatic changes and thus possesses the consistency and stability found in stock characters in theatrical comedy. Allworthy, as Fieldings moral yardstick and as the novels ultimate dispenser of justice and mercy, almost takes on the role of …

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Tom Jones – Blifil

Blifil, the antagonist of Tom Jones, is a foil to his uncle Allworthy. In contrast to Allworthy, whose altruism is almost excessive, Blifil not only acts vilely, but coats his evil with sugary hypocrisy. When Allworthy and Tom confront Blifil with his crimes, Blifil weeps not out of remorse, but rather out of terror. He …

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