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Welcome to the Emotions Book Club!

We hope to use this site as a space for everyone to share their thoughts about books by female authors of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

From February to September 2018, we will be reading one book each month, by authors including Françoise de Graffigny, Elizabeth Inchbald, George Sand, Dorothy Strachey, and Buchi Emecheta.

We will be focusing particularly on books by and about women who challenged expectations about appropriate feminine behaviour in history.

We hope you will sign up below to read along, and share your responses to the books in comments on this blog.

You can find a full list of our selected books here, and where you can buy them:

All of the books are easily available, and affordable to purchase either second hand (starting from 1p), or as Kindle editions.

For more about us, see:

Let us know if you will be joining us by commenting below or emailing us with a brief note of your name, age, location & reason for taking part.

All welcome!

20 comments on “Welcome!

  1. Clare canning

    Joining! Clare, 30, Manchester 🙂

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  2. So excited to order my first book! Louise, 30, Leeds.

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  3. Can’t wait to order my first book! Louise, 30, Leeds.


  4. Lesley Holloway

    I’m on board!

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  5. Just ordered my first book!

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  6. Alice Jenkins

    Have just ordered the first book! so excited to be involved!!

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  7. So excited to get started with y’all! Jena, 21,Chicago USA

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  8. Looking forward to taking part too! I’m Ingrid, 28, Oxford UK. Taking part because I’m both professionally and personally interested in emotion, as well as feminism, and because it’s an excellent reason to expand my reading to books/authors I probably wouldn’t otherwise ‘stumble across’!

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  9. I live in South Carolina, in the US. I am interested in the scholarly discussion of emotions, and the reading list is a nice mix of writers I know a little bit about and others I have never heard of. Looking forward to the discussions!

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  10. Maria Elena Brady

    Elena 73
    12 01 18
    Looking forward to start reading Female authors!

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  11. jmwedgbury

    I’m joining, looks great. Jenny Wedgbury, London. PHD candidate on the heritage of emotions.

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  12. Sally Osborn

    I’ll be there (well, virtually 😉) – great idea!

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  13. Marlene Battelle, age 71, Farmington, New Mexico, sounds really interesting

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  14. Joanne ; Ordered first book from local library here in Penzance, Cornwall… others ordered online from various booksellers. Great idea, look forward to reading and discussing

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  15. Nina, 31, Moscow, Russia / Connecticut, USA. I am a doctoral student, and my research interests include female emotions.


  16. Laurel, 19, Indiana (US), history major. I came across this on Twitter and have been looking for more history books by female authors!


  17. I’ll be joining too! Macarena, 32, Nottingham I think this is a great initiative! I’m a PhD candidate in Sociology, interested in issues of morality and emotions;doing research about ‘respect’ at the moment.


  18. Sue Howell

    Ordered the first book !

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  19. Darlene, 40s, South Dakota, USA. Looking forward to it –Lolly Willowes a favorite –and the others I’ve not yet read.

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  20. Jackie Harding

    As an expat it’s going to be so much fun being part of this!


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