The Emotions Book Club aims to encourage people of all ages to read more books by female authors, particularly neglected works which challenge our understanding of ‘natural’ or ‘typical’ female behaviour in history. By reading and discussing one book per month, we want to engage readers today with women in the past, and to make these authors better known. We hope that the stories they tell might surprise you.

Our group is inspired by the #ReadWomen campaign founded by the writer Joanna Walsh. You can read an interview with her here: http://www.openpen.co.uk/readwomen/

We invite you to take part by reading along with us from February to September 2018, and sharing your thoughts on our site. You can either read on your own, or sign up to follow along in your book group.

We will be running a physical group to discuss the books once a month at Mycenae House in south London. If you would like to join, send us an email at emotionsbookclub@gmail.com